D365 – Prevent Infinite Loops In Workflows

Workflows are extremely powerful. Especially when used in combination over several Entities. Unfortunately when doing so, infinite loops often become a blocking issue. Fortunately by bringing flags into the mix, we can prevent such infinite loop situations.

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D365 – Install Data Export Service

Microsoft AppSource offers Data Export Service for Dynamics 365. Using Data Export Service you can synchronize your Dynamics 365 Cloud Database nearly real-time to a specified Azure destination like Azure SQL Database.

This article explains how to Install the Data Export Service app onto your existing Dynamics 365 environment.

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D365 – Team Owned Entities

Whilst Dynamics 365 has evolved to an Enterprise grade solution, its Security Model still carries legacy from its earlier days as a CRM designed for SMB’s. I refer to the lack of an Out-of-the-Box solution to view records which are owned by Team Members; without giving access to an entire (sub)BU.

Dynamics 365 by default offers security on Organization, (Parent/Child) BU and User levels. Even though it is technically possible to have records owned by a Team, there is no default behavior that supports this.

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D365 – Display grandchildren in Subgrid without coding

Like most of us, on projects I sometimes bump into the limitations of default Dynamics 365 (CRM) functionality. Typically such limitations are overcome by bringing JavaScript and/or Custom FetchXML into the mix. However, this increases complexity and maintenance costs.

If you ever felt the need to display grandchild records in a Subgrid View, you must recognize this. In this post I will explain a non-coding alternative to commonly used solution directions as JavaScript and/or FetchXML.

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