The secret behind company growth

Employers know how much time and energy it takes to train new staff. Transfer of knowledge from one employee to another is extremely time consuming… However this can be done faster and more effective.

“Store collected company knowledge by documenting it”

Locate knowledge

Company knowledge is spread over its staff. Each staff member has pieces of relevant information. Locate (= who?) and collect (= what?) information. Do this only once.

Store it

Store collected company knowledge by documenting it. This way knowledge cannot be lost or forgotten. Thus create an open knowledge base that can be used for later reference. Just 1 employee reading specific documentation saves working hours when compared to 2 or more staff members who require a meeting to collect the desired information!

Share it

Store the documentation where it is accessible to every staff member. For example using an online system that supports mobile access. Knowledge becomes easily accessible and transferable. Get new employees up to speed by giving them access to the documentation.

And benefit!

Once the knowledge base develops, benefits will add up:

  • Company knowledge is stored
  • Information is accessible
  • Knowledge is transferred
  • Ramp up time of new staff is reduced
  • Efficiency is increased
  • Time and energy spent on training new employees is reduced

Leading to the greatest benefit of all:

  • An efficient and smooth growth of your company.

Documentation is the key to success.

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