How to make your business grow faster

Customers appreciate recognition. Enterprises invest millions into their CRM software, for their staff to know everything about a customer within seconds. What can you do to compete?

Customization is a necessity

Your business is unique. Plug and play software for your business is nonexistent. Therefore having customized software adapted to the needs of your company seems a necessity. The costs however are significant. Custom development of a CRM system starts at 10,000 working hours. Not to mention the costs of maintaining such a system once it is live.

Then I’ll buy configurable software!

As customized software is much like reinventing the wheel and incredibly expensive, you will soon say: “Then I’ll just buy configurable software!”. Configurable software is already developed software that is equipped with a variety of settings to be able to serve as many businesses as possible. You and/or your Service Provider will then adapt these settings to your needs.


  • To be useful for as many firms as possible, the software will need more information from you than you want to track. This means that a simple form will have 200% more input fields than you need. If that is the case, will you still be able to work fast and efficient?
  • The earning model of suppliers of adaptable software is easy: more changes means higher revenue. Does that sound like a supplier that would benefit from serving you with an optimal product?

Tie It Together

Therefore, do not look for that one solution that will satisfy all your needs at once. The all-in-one software for your entire business does not exist.

What does exist is small and economical software solutions that perfectly serve your needs for each part (sales, operations, finance, HR, etc.) of your organization. When tying them together in the right way, it will feel like a completely customized solution for a fraction of the costs. You just need the right tool to do it with:

That means; select software packages on their connecting capabilities and thereby create the optimal software solution for your business!

Select software based on connectivity to stay ahead of your competition!

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